The Town of Bristol

A peaceful town nestled in the wilderness, Bristol is happily cut off from any larger kingdoms or dutchies. The people pride themselves on their hardy independence, as well as their history.

In the earliest memories of the oldest inhabitants, Bristol was beseiged by The Red Hand, a ruthless war band of Hobgoblins. Though faced with a superior force, the townsfolk beat the Red Hand into near annihilation.

They now maintain a Hall of Honor, carrying Trophies from their beaten foes, as well as from the heroes of Bristol. The years passed quietly, until tragedy struck.

A savage and unexpected force of savage Hobgoblins swept through the town. Their blitzkrieg left few dead, but many injured. Most terribly of all, several townsfolk and all the trophies from the Hall of Honors were dragged off into their vile lair. They seem to be sporting the relics of the Red Hand, perhaps descendants or admirers trying to attain their past heroes’ former glory?

Rescue at Rivenroar

Our heroes, thrown together (however unwillingly) by fate, have tracked down The Red Hand to the ruins of Rivenroar Castle, a centuries-old castle. Nothing remains above ground, but the family crypts below have become a base-of-operations for these upstarts. Amid the soldiers of The Red Hand, the imprisoned townsfolks await, in peril.

Are the citizens of Bristol still alive?

Do worse horrors share the crypts with The Red Hand?

Could something worse have been locked beneath the ruins of the castle, only just set free by the unwitting Hand?

The Town of Bristol

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