Rivenroar Castle

History of the Castle

Little is known of the ancient Rivenroar Castle. Local lore from the town of Bristol during Rowena and Urdric’s brief stay gives some information:

The castle was built long ago, well before The Town of Bristol was cut from the wilderness, and had collapsed into ruin before the earliest memory of any of Bristol’s inhabitants.

The Rivenroar inhabited the castle with a few families of other eccentric nobles: the Von Jallachs and the Von Urstadts. They built the castle in a surprisingly short time, deep in the heart of untamed wilderness.

Nothing at all remains of the village that surrounded the Castle. Many believe that the Castle was there by itself, with no serfdom to support it.

Wherever they came from to establish their new frontier castle, and whatever caused them to fall to ruin, nobody ever came to reinhabit, rebuild, or restore the castle.

What You Know

You (that is, Rowena and Urdric) have actually seen the castle now. It is indeed at desolate and devoid of civilization as the rumors suggested. On the surface.

Below the ruins lie the catabombs, all intact however disused and in bad repair. Filled with the family dead of the Rivenroars, Von Jallachs and Von Urstadts, it had recently taken up new occupants: The Red Hand. The warband of Hobgolbins that filled the tales of Bristol’s past differed from the rabble you encountered here. This new Band of Hobgoblins has Goblin, Kobold, even Dark Gnome allies, as well as creatures they brought under their heel – monstrous Drakes, as well as viles Oozes and wild beasts that wandered into the catacombs on their own.

Rivenroar Castle

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