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Welcome to the story of Rowena and Urdric.

The pair were fated to become the most famous pair of lovers to champion freedom and justice in the Cosmos. Their exploits ranged from the small frontier town of Brindol to the divine shores of the Astral Sea. These are their stories.

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Campaign Main Page

This page will change often, as the campaign progresses. Make sure to read me between sessions, to keep refreshed with everything. And there may be exclusive content on the O.P. page you didn’t get in the session!

From here, you can:
  • Check the Adventure Log (that’s up top there) for recaps of what we’ve done in the past.
  • Check the Character Page for a refresher on Rowena and Urdric, and some of the other NPC’s in the game with the NPC Tracker (that’s up top too). NPC means Non Player Character, that is anyone in the supporting cast that isn’t some nameless monster, or Rowena or Urdric.
  • Check the wiki page I made, that contains other helpful things, like:

Home Page

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