Part of the Cosmology

The Shadowfell is a dark echo of the mortal world, a twilight realm that exists “on the other side” of every shadow. At the formation of the worlds, some bits were too dark, too ominous to join the rest of creation, and these dark motes came together, thrumming with a strange and unexpected power.

This murky land spawned being of its own and drew others from different parts of the cosmos. It came to be filled with a diverse population, both fair and foul. The Shadowborn are the natural inhabitants of the plane, but it has attracted a vast population of outsiders. However, the largest population of the Shadowfell doesn’t live there, strictly speaking.

The Shadowfell is the destination of souls loosed from their bodies. It is the domain of the dead, the final stage in their journey before moving into the unknown. For this reason, and the power and allure of the plane, it is the only home of a god besides the Astral Sea. The The Raven Queen has made it her domain, governing the spirits and monitoring their movements as they await the inexorable pull of dissolution. As such, the plane also draws those with any interest in death, malign and benign.


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