Major Deities

Part of the Cosmology

The deities of this world are powerful but not omnipotent, knowledgeable but not omniscient, widely traveled but not omnipresent. They are creatures of thought and ideal, beyond the simple ethics and limitations of flesh-bound mortals. They wage wars amongst themselves, they love and build and plot and destroy. The infinite and mutable dominions of the Astral Sea is their home, floating city-isles in a heavenly aether sky/ocean. However, the mortal denizens of the Material Plane provide the gods power through their worship, and amusement through their toil. The mortal world becomes their playground and leverage for their power struggles and intrigue. The more altruistic gods mayve have a genuine affection for their worshippers, but any divine involvement in the mortal world is likely beyond simple magnanimity.

Those with central importance to the game are emphasized

Magnanimous Gods Malign Gods
Avandra Asmodeus
Bahamut Bane
Corellon Gruumsh
Erathis Lloth
Ioun Tharizdun
Kord Tiamat
Melora Vecna
Moradin Zehir
The Raven Queen


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