Part of the Cosmology

As the tempestuous motes of creation-stuff swirled around the Chaos, settling into the Two Worlds that first formed, some were too wild, too bright, and too magical to coalesce with anything but themselves. This became the Feywild, the world of Fairy.

It is a vivid and fiercly magical world, an enchanted reflection of the Material Plane. Its beauty and majesty is unparalleled in the world, and Arcane energy flows through it like streams of crystal water. These streams are weakly echoed in the Ley Lines, the magical pulse that runs through the Material world. Every stick and stone of the wild is imbued with a measure of this fantastic power. The natives call this:

The Bright Beauty

Everything there is somehow sharper, somehow more real than in the Material Plane. All sensation is more vivid, almost painful in its brilliance. Colors are brighter, oversaturated and the patches of darkness are more abyssal. Smells are an overwhelming perfume, shafts of light don’t diffuse normally, shimmering spears thrust through clouds. But the effect can be as terrible as it is beautiful. The stench of the Murk Sea is an unbearable anathema, and the storms tear across the lands with a malevolence that almost seems like willing, sentient spite.

The inhabitants of the Feywild are also subject to this same Bright Beauty. Some are empowered by this wild magic, and some are warped. They all tend to extremes, much like all other aspects of the Feywild. Few truly dumb beasts reside in the Feywild, most creatures are gifted with some sliver of intelligence, even if nothing more than a malign cunning. Even the plants and storms seem to be aware, in the Feywild. Of the sentient humanoids, the majority are divided between:

The Fairy Courts

The Seelie and Unseelie courts divide most of the inhabitants of the Feywild. Each court is presided over by a delegation of Archfey, fairy nobility that oversee their subjects. The Seelie court tend to be beneficient and peaceful, calling themselves the Blessed Fey. The Unseelie fey are more selfserving, often vicious. However, the wild nature of this plane tends to obscure extreme black-and-whites of morality, and both courts are to be approached with caution.

The Eladrin are somewhat an exception to the Fairy residents of the Feywild. They choose to live in both the Material and Fey worlds, leaping between worlds to experiences the wonders of each


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