Part of the Cosmology

Dawn of the Gods, Twilight of the Primordials

  • The first eons

Before the waking world, currently inhabitated, the Elemental Chaos reigned. The constituent elements of the universe swirled ceaselessly in this realm. The Primordials, nameless titans tied to those elements, were born from the swirly, twirly craziness. They sowed the first seeds of creation. Two worlds slowly coalesced within the Chaos, teeming and ferocious, but free. The lower world was the Material Plane, tumultuous and mortal. The upper was the Astral Sea, celestial and endless. The gods were born of the Astral Sea, and look out upon the two worlds, seeing its potential.

  • Catechism

They strove to build something real out of the swirling madness, and waged war against the Primordials. Those savage elemental forces would have torn the world apart as soon as it formed, but the gods wanted permanence in their dominion. The gods banded together, the fair and the fell alike, under the leadership of Erathis and Bane, and cast out the Primordials. They flushed the Elemental Chaos out of the half-formed worlds, binding it below the other two. They locked the Primordials into the Elemental Chaos, now its seperate plane. The Astral Sea became their palaces, each god free to create his own city in the sky. The Material Plane became their playground, where they could build and rule over the world we inhabit.


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