Astral Sea

Part of the Cosmology

After the Gods threw out the Primordials, and made the universe as is, they used the Astral Sea as their dominion. The Astral Sea is a great silvery void, a misty AEther where the creation-stuff that formed into the Universe still swirls. Rather than allow these fundamental bits float at random, the gods learned to bend them to their will.

They created Divine Dominions, islands floating in the AEther, worlds seperate worlds that exist on the whim of the god who controls it. Some are heavenly realms of peace and splendor. Some are fantastic dreamscapes filled with marvels and strange perils. And some are dark and tormented places, nightmare domains filled with unspeakable evil. Of all the known realms, the dominions of the Astral Sea are the most remote from the mortal world. Only the mightiest heroes venture there.

The mutability, and therefore indesctuctability, of these domains make it the home of the gods, but not their battlefields. They rely on the mortal worlds to play out their dramas. The devotion of their mortal followers affords the gods their power.

Astral Sea

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