Urdric the Wild

A woodwose, or Wild Man of the Woods, Urdric patrols the untamed Wilderness, keeping it safe and free from those who would dominate or destroy it.

Some basic facts:
  • Half-Elf Warden. He allies himself with the primal forces of nature to protect his allies
  • Wields a stone-headed hammer and shield. What his weapons lack in finesse, they match in brutality
    • He found a Heavy oaken shield in a woodland shrine, which seems to be imbued with protective spirits
  • Prefers his clubs and hammers, but has been convined by Rowena of something called ‘Tactics’. He carries several spare tomahawks, provided by the Hunter’s Guild, which he can hurl with great accuracy and deadliness.
  • At the same woodland shrine as the shield, Urdric found a heavy blue-grey fur cloak, which he has found aids his woodsmanship, despite the cloak’s resplendence.
  • Master woodsman, tracker, dungeon-delver, and ranger. Tough as nails and strong as a horse (he wrestled one)
  • Worships no gods, believing them to be the usurpers of the primordial powers.

Rowena knows little of her new companion’s history. Their acquaintance began with Urdric being unflatteringly rescued from the hands of a gang of murderous Kobolds by Rowena. Since then, he has tried to repay the favor by keeping her safe, at all costs. Their journey from Bristol to the ruins of Castle Rivenroar , back to the town, and to the ruins again has taken days upon days, with Urdric leading the tracking. More comfortable in his element, the wilderness, than he had been in town, the usually taciturn Urdric has begun to open up:

He was born into a tribe of elves in a dense jungle, he had always been accepted despite his half-elven heritage. They rejected civilization, to free themselves from its destrucive influences. Urdric spoke no more about his parentage, but he did talk about his homeland.

Urdric the Wild

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