The Lady Rowena and Urdric the Wild

Our Heroes Meet!

The intro adventure

(The date is totally wrong, I just made something up)

This was the first time we rolled the dice with Rowena and Urdric, right after you made her character.

The Lady Rowena was wandering along in her errantry, until she came upon Some Hapless Jerk tied to a rock, near a campfire in a clearing in the forest. The jerk was bound and gagged, and was being tortured and menaced by a small gang of Kobolds – diminuative, hateful, reptilian critters with a taste for menace that dwarfs their small stature and cowardly disposition.

Rowena, seeing a chance to perform her patroness’s work, dove immediately into the fray. Bashing into Kobolds left and right, she liberated the Jerk, whose name she later found out was Urdric, who aided her in the fight. He was a tremendously large Half-Elf, in tune with the powers of nature, and attempted to repay Rowena by placing himself between her and danger whenever possible, even enlisting the very roots and thorns of the glade to keep her safe. Rowena resented this somewhat, being perfectly strong and capable herself, but before very long at all, the battle was over.

After brief introductions, thank-you-but-you-really-didn’t-need-tos, and their near-parting of ways, Urdric let Rowena know of his purpose in those woods, far from his homeland and entirely alien to him. He had recently caught wind of troubles in The Town of Bristol, and learned that a number of their citizens were kidnapped in a raid by Hobgoblins – large, humanlike goblinoids somewhat less cruel than Kobolds, much much more dangerous, cunning, and vicious.

Although she seemed to be a bit of a muckety-muck, and certainly (judging by that Erathis emblem she wore) no friend to the chaotic harmony of the Wild, Urdric nevertheless invited her along, that they might rescue the good people of Bristol together.

Although he seemed drastically unkempt, was clearly barbarous, and had no notion of proper beardsmanship (she was rasied by Dwarves after all, a people of fastidious beard hygiene), she accepted his offer, and the two set out to Bristol to gather more information.



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